Custom packaging solutions in both blister and bottle formats

Our modern packaging facilities and state of the art equipment bring significant value and flexibility to our customers supply chain. We offer full customized packaging solutions in both blister and bottle formats specializing in soft gel and two piece liquid hard-shells. Additional assembly services for special packaging projects or displays are also offered supporting customer needs.

With our strategic partnerships and our team of experts, our packaging capabilities extend through the entire process from pack development to full commercial scale packaging.

We support our customers by offering various services in the packaging arena including:

  • Pack development
  • Pilot scale packaging
  • Stability study packaging
  • Clinical batch packaging
  • Regulatory Affairs support
  • Child Resistant testing


Dedicated to the science and nature behind the development, discovery, and production of your products.

Quality Product

Un-compromised product, from ingredient selection and manufacturing to packaging and delivery.


Laboratory testing conducted on all of our products for quality assurance.


Quick turnaround at a low cost, manufacturing your product in one facility.