Research and Development

OSG wants to extend the value of your soft gel product collection. We understand that customers look to our scientists to translate concepts into commercial products. OSG believes that the foundation of our ability to deliver is the approach we take to development and that the effort spent on development improves profit.

OSG formulation scientists are experienced in developing the right approach to maximize patient benefit and customer value. Our  approach to formulating multi-phase products (i.e. tablet in capsule, capsule in capsule, two liquids in a capsule) provides additional  protection to our customers. OSG scientists are experienced in the development of vigorous analytical methods that meet all regulatory requirements and ensure patient safety.

Why Choose OSG for your Soft Gel Advancement?

We have a distinct group of leaders with broad experience and expertise with top pharmaceutical organizations.

Foreseeing our customer needs and working with partners to fulfill those needs to grow their business

OSG has a proven track record of achievement in development and transfer of OTC and RX pharmaceutical products within a soft gel delivery system


Dedicated to the science and nature behind the development, discovery, and production of your products.

Quality Product

Un-compromised product, from ingredient selection and manufacturing to packaging and delivery.


Laboratory testing conducted on all of our products for quality assurance.


Quick turnaround at a low cost, manufacturing your product in one facility.