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Olds Softgels Inc (OSG) is pleased to announce a new service offering for our toll processing partners: Vape Cart Toll Processing.

In Canada’s recreational market, cannabis vape cartridges or vape pens are the third most popular product category offering a convenient, fast-acting, and portable way to consume cannabinoids. Vape cartridges, typically offered in a 510 thread format, can contain distillate, live rosin, or live resin. They can also contain botanical terpenes to enhance flavour.

Using top-line, pharma-grade equipment, we can support domestic cannabis vape cartridge production for the recreational or medical markets. We can also support products designed for international export.

Vape Cart Toll Processing Service Specifications

  • Dispensable volume range: 0.1ml – 1.3ml
  • Can accommodate distillate, live rosin, or live resin
  • +/- 2% filling accuracy
  • Consistent flow and pressure to reduce waste and air bubbles
  • 100 per hour output (based on 0.5g cartridge)
  • Heating system and temperature control: up to 150°C

Get Service Quote for Vape Carts

Is your company interested in vape cartridge filling or other cannabis toll processing? Bring your idea to life under strict pharmacological guidelines that meet Health Canada’s GMP requirements, from ideation to full-scale commercial manufacturing.

Contact us for more information on cannabis vape cart toll processing:

Olds Softgels Inc. opens the door to breakthroughs in science and medicine to help people improve their well-being. With decades of experience in drug development, we bring the necessary skills, standards, and innovative end-to-end approaches to succeed in the evolving global cannabis industry. OSG is proudly located in Olds, Alberta.

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