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As countries around the world adopt frameworks for legal access to cannabis, Canadian companies stand to benefit. We’re recognized worldwide for skilled cultivation, expansive genetics, and a history of regulated medical and recreational cannabis access that ensures consumer safety.

With OSG, we’ll support your company’s expansion in Australia’s cannabis import and export market.

In Australia, the government has made a conscious effort to allow imported cannabis from countries like Canada as its domestic industry ramps up. While its local industry grows alongside its patient communities, Australia demands the continued importation of medical cannabis products to ensure a consistent and affordable supply. Australian patient safety, with pharmaceutical-level regulations, is one of the most essential tenets of the legalization framework.

Before Canada legalized cannabis, the team at Olds Softgels spent 30 years as a leader in the natural health and pharmaceutical industry. This is where we formed our safety standards and commitment to patient results. We call it the 5 Rs: the Right Molecule, Right Dose, Right Place, and Right Time.

While our focus over the past five years has been cannabis processing and manufacturing for Canadian LPs, we’ve carried our pharmaceutical principles with us, adopting the same standards for quality, cleanliness, staff training, equipment maintenance, and consistency.

One of OSG’s unique capabilities comes from our Health Canada Drug Establishment License (DEL).

One of OSG’s unique capabilities comes from our Health Canada Drug Establishment License (DEL). This internally recognized certification allows us to manufacture, package, label, and export our products to Australia legally.

In Australia, an EU-GMP license is crucial for ensuring that medical cannabis meets the highest quality standards. It is a requirement for both domestic production and, more recently, for accepting imported medical cannabis. Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) allows imports from non-European countries with recognized equivalents—introducing our DEL.

With OSG’s DEL license, we support cannabis companies on both ends of the supply chain — Canadian LPs with quality flower and extracts to sell – and Australian dispensaries and pharmaceutical suppliers looking for cannabis softgels, vape carts, and dried flower for patients.

Work with OSG to solve the world’s biggest health problems – contact us today to bring your products to international markets under our DEL license and join Australia’s cannabis Import and export market.

Learn more about Australia’s EU-GMP Requirements.



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Olds Softgels Inc. opens the door to breakthroughs in science and medicine to help people improve their well-being. With decades of experience in drug development, we bring the necessary skills, standards, and innovative end-to-end approaches to succeed in the evolving global cannabis industry. OSG is proudly located in Olds, Alberta, Canada.