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As a pharmaceutical specialist, packaging and bottling material plays a vital role. We at OSG ensure that the best packaging material is used. There is a wide variety of packaging solutions within solid, liquid and ophthalmic applications. We use branded PET bottles for liquid dosage and our ophthalmic products form part of a comprehensive and innovative product range. Our standard range includes a wide choice of different types of containers and closures, PET bottles as well as numerous customized developments.

PET has been approved for food and beverage contact by the FDA, Health Canada, and the European Food Safety Authority. PET packaging is actually part of the drug development process when it’s tested for leaching and extractability.

The manufacturing process employed to create PET packaging doesn’t contain the use of any heavy metals, eliminating any concern for the presence of harmful chemicals such as BPA or DEHP. PET is also preferred over materials like glass and metal, which are expensive, fragile, heavy, and non-flexible with a high friction coefficient to withstand fluid flow.