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Standing out from the competition starts with high cultivation standards and goes all the way to packaging. When managing provincial, medical, or export markets, one of the most common challenges for producers is keeping dried flower fresh as it moves from your production facility into the hands of consumers and patients, as distribution timelines can extend for months.

Nitrogen Packaging Explained

Nitrogen packaging – or nitrogen flush – is a standard process in the food industry; it keeps food fresh and protects it during transit.

In the cannabis industry, nitrogen packaging functions similarly, offering longer shelf-life, fresher cannabis, and tangible benefits for the end-user.

When liquid nitrogen enters the packaging, oxygen is displaced, creating a stable atmosphere.

Benefits of Nitrogen Packaging 

  • Prevents the oxidation of cannabinoids preserving potency levels and limiting degradation
  • Prevents the oxidation of terpenes, maintaining strain aromas
  • Maintains desired moisture levels from the curing phase 
  • Protection during transport – flower won’t get crushed or damaged in transit – especially beneficial for hang-dried or hand-trimmed craft product
  • Limits need for two-way humidity control packs
  • Prevents risk of aerobic bacteria, yeast, or mould 
  • Low static charge (common in plastic packaging), which can pull delicate trichomes away from the flower 

Nitrogen packaging is both premium and inexpensive and will extend the shelf life of your product for months. It also improves the user experience; when first opening the package, users will experience a powerful aromatic blast that captures your strain’s unique terpenes and flavonoids.

Introducing Nitrotin Canning

Nitrotin is a unique made-in-Canada packaging solution that offers aesthetic and functional benefits for producers and consumers. Holding up to 10g of dried flower, Nitrotin satisfies international Child-Resistent Packaging (CRP) standards and is made with recyclable materials. It’s durable, air-tight, and offers consumers a unique and premium experience with your product. 

Material Specs

  • Durable container made with high-grade tinplate steel
  • Tuna-can style top seal
  • Child-resistant plastic lid cap (resealable)
  • 100% recyclable 

Our Nitrotin line can pack 50 cans per minute, speeding up process timelines and reducing labour costs.


Our Nitrotin production line features a labelling system that is fully automated, providing consistency and high-speed output. With this unique packaging style, labels and brand elements can be applied to the sides and top of the container. Furthermore, our Nitrotin line can label up to 30 cans per minute!

Get a Service Quote for Nitrogen Packaging

Is your company interested in nitrogen packaging or other cannabis toll processing? Bring your idea to life under strict pharmacological guidelines that meet Health Canada’s GMP requirements, from ideation to full-scale commercial manufacturing.

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